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Soft Fish

This metal lure is designed with a colorful appearance and slim body, which endows it with excellent underwater dynamic start-up ability. Its reverse symmetry structure ensures that the two ends of the lure have symmetrical weight, but asymmetrical fluidity when the center is cut at any angle. This allows for multiple postures during drifting, and enhances light reflection, which attracts target fish and triggers their attack.

Trout Shrimp

The lure features a bottom-avoidance design at the front end, which effectively enhances its ability to pass through obstacles and reduces the possibility of losing the lure due to getting caught on the bottom. Moreover, the use of mottled silicone hook binding helps to realistically reproduce the dynamic posture of natural shrimp legs, making it easier for fish to bite. Additionally, the use of a live simulation shrimp design can reduce the vigilance of larger fish and increase the chances of a successful hooking.

Black Shark

This innovative small bait , features an open-mouth breathing posture and an asymmetrical body structure design, let the bait has more dynamic and agile swimming motion. Its stable center of gravity design ensures that its swimming and movement trajectory are highly accurate and stable, making it easy to operate even for beginners.

Seek and Attack

Featuring an ultra-thin design with intense reflection and wide swinging action, this lure mimics the movements of a wounded fish during its descent. Whether twitched, retrieved steadily, or jigged along the bottom, it exhibits different swimming postures.

Swim Scale

Размер: 4cм-5.0г, 4.5cм-8.0г, 5.0cм-12.0г, 5.5cм-15.0г,

Steel Blade

Our product's appearance is inspired by the morphology of Perciformes fish and incorporates the curves of the Khukuri knife from the Himalayan region. The body of the product is made of high-strength stainless steel plate, which has the advantages of thin material, flexible operation, easy control, and more stable swimming posture.

Chubby JIG

Размер: 80г <br>
The rounded lure body, concentration of weight in the middle part, an integrated manufacturingand the environmentally friendly coating craft , with the colored silicone tail, so that the lure' s attracting effect more than 50%. It is the terminator of Bass, Greater Mmberjack, Bullet Mackerel and Mackerel.It is also easy for anglers to choose corresponding to any weather and fish species.

Blue Grouper

Размер: 4cм-4.0г, 5cм-6.0г, 5.5cм-9.0г, 6.0cм-13.0г,


Размер: 4cм-5.0г, 8.0cм-5.0г


Размер: 4.5cм-5.0г, 5.1cм-7.5г, 5.5cм-10.0г, 5.7cм-15.0г, 6.0cм-20.0г


Вес: 5 г
Длина: 3 см


Размер: 4.22см-10г


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